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I am The Entomologist. I live alone in a secret place beneath the city of London. I rarely come to the surface; the polluted skies, the smog-ridden alleyways, the trivial conversations, the toxic characters that lurk around every corner – these are just some of the things that drive me away from the world above. Instead of wasting my breaths on interactions with humankind and the noisy, ugly industrial landscape it has crafted, I spend most of my hours in the insect kingdom, away from the cacophony of society. I speak with these creatures, and they speak with me. Some share their wildest dreams and stories for me to record, and others their darkest secrets. Some of them sacrifice their own bodies for my research, while others battle one another to their deaths just to entertain me. Those in the world above may regard me as mad, but they do not understand insects as I understand them. They have been deafened by the clanks and clunks of machinery and blinded by the venomous wisps of smoke that slither around London’s streets. They haven’t seen these miniature angels as I have, enlarged to the size of mountains through the powers of the microscope. One day soon I will return the surface, however. I need to face what I regard as repulsive. And sometimes, I feel as if I love the darkness of the outside world as much as I hate it. There is a strange beauty to what is rotten, to what is rusty and decaying. One could even say that the cut-throat world of the humans in the upper world mirrors the universe of insects I am immersed in, though it is a poor reflection…One day I will return. Perhaps I will find someone new to join the thousands that live with me here. We are all getting hungry for some fresh flesh.

Read the words me and my insects write and listen to our stories. We are interested in what you make of them, and we want you to help us discover our future. What do you think should happen to me, and what should happen to my creatures? How should I travel to the places above, and what will I find there? And what will my insects do while I am away?


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